With Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation as its holding company, Omnijoi Media Corporation, aiming to produce massive quality drama series and movies while operating large-scale cinema circuits, has developed a complete industrial chain of the television and movie industries incorporating content production, program distribution as well as cinema construction and operation. In 2009, Omnijoi was named “State Leading Company of Culture Restructuring” by the State Ministry of Central Publicity, the State Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television as well as the State Administration of Press and Publication. In 2010, Omnijoi won the title of “Model Unit of Jiangsu Province,” whereas in 2012, the company won the title of “Top Ten Drama Production Companies of China.”
Omnijoi Media Corporation has produced many highly-acclaimed and well-received drama series in recent years. Drama series Changes, Brothers’ Happiness, Broken Thorn, My Life in France, Face, New Age of Love and Phoenix Nirvana not only exerted themselves as huge hits on CCTV and other satellite channels but also won the most influential international and domestic awards such as Asia Television Award, Flying Goddess Award, Golden Eagle Award and so on. Moreover, Omnijoi has invested in blockbusters like City of Life and Death, The Founding of a Republic, Bodyguards and Assassins, Let the Bullets Fly, Beginning of the Great Revival, 1911, Swordsmen and White Vengeance. Besides, the Omnijoi production Black Coal, Thin Ice won the Golden Bear Award for Best Film and the Silver Bear Award for Best Actor at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. The movie took in a box office of over 100 million RMB in Mainland China alone, cleaning up the box office record of all Chinese movies winning international awards.
Making unremitting efforts to expand its cinema business, Omnijoi has opened up 34 cineplexes with 219 screens by June 2014. Nanjing Xinjiekou Cineplex has been ranking among the top five for years among its counterparts in China. As the only Chinese cinema circuit owned by a broadcasting company, the Omnijoi Cinema Circuit ranks top among all the domestic cinema circuits in Jiangsu in terms of market coverage and box office contribution. By June 2014, Omnijoi has seen 78 cineplexes join its cinema franchise, with 427 screens in total. Ranking 20th among cinema circuits around China in 2011, Omnijoi Cinema Circuit has jumped to No. 12 thanks to its rapid development. Enhancing its cinema business in Jiangsu and further expanding it around China, Omnijoi sees a fast-growing cinema circuit and franchise taking shape.
Omnijoi Media Corporation is making all-round efforts to build itself into a world-renowned drama and movie supplier featuring clear goals, large scale, high income, extensive influence and top brand.

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